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What’s the next big thing in sustainability?

It's 3-D knit apparel. 

close up of knitting machine

What is 3D knit apparel?

3D knit apparel is knitwear that is created when a digital design is turned into a piece of clothing using what is known as specialty WHOLEGARMENT® equipment.

This single-apparel-garment is produced three-dimensionally as one entire piece using intelligent machinery and software that is superior to and more precise than traditional weaving.

How sustainable is it?

3D knitting uses the exact amount of yarn required to produce a knitted garment which virtually eliminates overproduction.

By using less raw material this process minimizes waste by reducing the amount of excess material traditionally used in apparel production. 

grey fully fashioned sweater

Why is it such a great choice?


3D knitting ensures uniformity in style and sizing. 

It all but eliminates the need for do-overs where production is concerned making it a perfect option for boutique brands like Biita.

It’s more sustainable process than cut-and-sewn and produces a more versatile and lighter weight end product.


Silhouettes produced utilizing the 3D knitting process offer an elevated level of panache that's noticeably superior to traditional knitted materials.

3D knit apparel is created using a single-thread construction that makes the finished product a seamless one-piece garment that has no seams to rip or tear.

Crafted using some of the finest yarn fibers available makes this knitwear as long-lasting as it is chic.

It enables you to shine as an eco-consumer

3D knitted apparel offers a superior and consistent fit.

By wearing on-demand knitwear you are paying it forward for the future of our planet.

While it may be a more expensive alternative to high volume manufacturing it is so worth it because it offers a more modern and comfortable fit which is ideal for daily wear.


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