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Style is determined by…?

Style is determined by many factors, some weightier than others.

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The climate, our hobbies and interests, what we do for a living, and our perception of who we are and where we fit on this orb called earth.

These all play a role in shaping our personal style.

How we perceive ourselves and how we want others to view us - Most of our style choices are an extension of how we see ourselves...what we understand our personality to be and how best to present this to the world.

Are we eclectic and artsy? Do we have a flair for the dramatic? -or- are we a “just the facts ma’am” modern minimalist?

The Biita brand falls into the “just the facts ma’am” column with uncomplicated and effortless apparel that’s both stylish and comfortable.

What’s your style personality? 

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As much as we’d like to think of ourselves as an island, we are influenced by what others think.

Our style helps us fit in with like-minded people. Don’t believe me?

Look at a group of men or women out socializing and see how many similarities you can spot.

Before we beat ourselves up over this, remember we are social creatures with a need for community, so no judgment.

    Here’s a little exercise to try next time you go shopping.

    Ask yourself, “What is it about this item or product that makes you want it?” Your answer will tell you if you’re buying to express yo’self or buying to belong. If you’re buying because of others, you’re buying to belong.

    Your psyche - Did you know that what you wear can affect your mood, increase your confidence, or impact the way you interact with others?

    What we do for a living plays heavily into our style. Maybe we need comfort or to show authority. Maybe you are a Fan Expo devotee wanting to express loud and proud who’s your favorite super hero or villain. These influence your style whatever the reason.

    Another exercise you can try is to visit the upscale section of your favorite retail store and try on something fabu.

    Take note of how it makes you feel. Do you feel glamorous? Does it give you a greater feeling of confidence? Clothes really do have a transformative power!

     What’s so amazing is while our style may be the product of some of the influences above, we can uniquely arrange them to authentically say “This is me!”


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