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Building Biita

I am passionate about timeless elegance and sustainable luxury.

My journey began with a vision to redefine fashion by creating enduring essentials that transcend time.

Inspired by minimalism and a commitment to sustainability, I curate a collection that speaks volumes through its simplicity.

With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, I craft each piece to epitomize understated beauty. Biita's luxe essentials reflect the art of refining, reshaping, and redefining elegance.

Every thread, stitch, and detail embodies my dedication to making a lasting impact on style and the planet. My approach is deliberate and unhurried, because true luxury comes from thoughtful creation.

Join me in building Biita. Each piece is a chapter in my story, and every supporter becomes part of my vision for a more timeless and sustainable future.

designer and founder of Biita

Simplicity is thrilling and when done well it is profoundly expressive. 

Anita Costello
Founder & Designer

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