I find simplicity thrilling!

I'm excited by clean lines and simple silhouettes because they tell a powerful story. My passion—to design apparel and accessories that tell that story.

With experience in fashion and graphic design I was trained to keep it simple and this mindset guides my design process. It's not uncommon for me to take an existing style deconstruct it then reconstruct it to create my own unique vision. As a graphic designer I have an eye for detail, hierarchy, and balance, and I couple this with my "less is more" approach to design to create apparel and accessories that truly elevate simplicity.

Life is busy and if you're like me you want a solution that allows you to look great with minimal effort. This is "my why" behind what I create—clothing with that unique mix of style and comfort.

Don't we all need that exhale? 

100% handmade soap bar


To Uniquely Elevate Simplicity.

Isn't life busy and aren't our lives full?

At Biita we cut through the chatter by offering apparel and accessories that elevate simplicity. We produce luxe essentials that are good for you, and kind to our planet. Our knits are made of renewable bamboo which is an environmentally friendly fiber that's luxurious, incredibly comfortable, and easy to wear. Isn't uniqueness best expressed through simplicity!

Elevate Your Style. Elevate Simplicity.


Caring and compassionate clothing.

We especially love working with bamboo knit because of its amazing qualities. It has a silky cashmere texture that's softer than cotton, it provides a natural block against the harmful effects of direct sunlight, it's cozy in the winter, cooling in the summer, and it’s sustainable.

Bamboo apparel is great for both you and the environment, after-all, we are what we wear!

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