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What's a Slouch Pouch?

slouch pouches in a row

The Story Behind My Bag

I’ve created a soft handbag that I call my Origami Slouch Pouch. I've chosen to use fiber and vegan leather as a great and versatile hide free alternative. The colors choices are amazing, and the textures are rich and easy to work with. The bag is folded using the traditional Japanese origami method of constructing a 3-dimensional form from a single piece of paper.

My Slouch Pouch comes in several eye-popping colors, as well as the standard hues that go with everything. The inside is lined and has a double pocket that is big enough to hold an average sized cell phone. There’s also a magnetic closure for that extra sense of security. One of the best features of my bag besides its striking shape, is that it fits perfectly and comfortably on your shoulder.

I love a good bag, especially one that can hold a fair amount, and my Slouch Pouch does. What can it hold you ask; well on several occasions this is what I’ve had to carry in my bag: my 13” laptop • a 24-ounce water bottle • a letter sized portfolio notebook • my cosmetic bag, and • 2 eyeglass cases. Granted this shouldn’t be the norm but it’s nice to know that if the need arises, you’re covered.

My FW2019 collection will offer a few hide options as well, and I’m also adding a metal hang tag with my stylized “b” that says you are the proud owner of a “bacah bag”. 

“Life is complicated enough, what you choose to wear doesn’t have to be.”

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