About Biita

CMO and designer for Biita Brand

I was a busy wife and mother who just wanted cool clothing to wear that expressed who I was.

Inspired by my husband I started Biita. 

Ethos is defined as the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. Mine is about that calming exhale.

Simplicity inspires my minimalist approach to style and is infused into everything that I design and believe in. With a modern take on the classics I incorporate clean lines and figure flattering silhouettes using quality and earth-friendly fabrics that tell a story about you as the wearer. 

I create luxe essentials that inspire you to live a simpler life, and that elevates your style comfortably, and sustainably. l find simplicity thrilling and believe that simple done well is extremely expressive.

Life gets complicated, what you wear doesn't have to be.

#ElevateSimplicity #SimplyElevatedStyle

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