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About Biita

CMO and designer for Biita Brand

As a busy wife and mother, I wanted cool clothing to wear that truly reflected my identity as someone who just likes to keep things simple. Inspired by my husband's support and encouragement I founded Biita.

Ethos, in its essence, encapsulates the very soul of a culture, or a community through its beliefs and aspirations, and at Biita, my ethos embodies all things uncomplicated. 

Guided by simplicity, my minimalist approach to style permeates every facet of my design philosophy. Modernizing classics, and using eco-conscious fabrics I use clean lines and figure-flattering silhouettes to create apparel that tells a story about you as the wearer. 

My mission is to create luxe essentials that transcend time, and to combine style with comfort and sustainability. I do find simplicity thrilling, and when it's done well, it's profoundly expressive. 

In a world of complexities, what you wear doesn’t have to be.

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