About Biita

anita costello


Anita Costello, Founder + Designer 

Why I Began

Honestly, when I started my brand, my motive wasn’t totally altruistic. I was a busy wife and mother and just wanted cool clothing to wear that I believed expressed who I was. When I’d go shopping, so much of what was out there looked the same. At times I could find what I was looking for and other times not so much, so I took matters into my own hands and began to design. Once I started, I began to find like-minded women who felt the same...hmmm, I guess I was being altruistic after all.

How I Began

I was doing OK with a degree in fashion and a certification in graphic design, but something was missing. My husband and CIO, who is also an artist, said, “Babe you’ve gotta go after your passion!” That was the push that I needed to launch my brand. I asked him to convert our garage into a working studio space, which he did, because that’s where all great businesses start...right? And that is where my journey began.

My Design Aesthetic

If I had to describe my design aesthetic, I’d say it falls just left of center. Bauhaus and LIM (less is more) inspires my minimalist approach which incorporates clean lines and figure flattering silhouettes. I produce timeless and simple apparel, because simple done well is extremely expressive.

Join Me

We all have a journey, and this is a part of mine. I invite you to join me on my ‘less is more’ approach to style. Remember…“Life is complicated and what you choose to wear doesn’t have to be.”