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What Your Shoe Choice Says about You

Shoes aren’t just practical; they also say a surprising amount about your personality and how you live your life.

When you put on your favorite pair of shoes, you’re making a statement to the world! What does your choice of footwear say about you?


sneakers in a wheel pattern

Ah, the old reliable. You want something comfortable that doesn’t stand out, and that’s okay because sometimes we just need our clothing to do what it says will do.

If you’re running errands, picking the kids up from school, or hanging out with friends, this may be your default. 

Designer Sneakers

These styles are opposite of your work horse sneaker.

These are status sneakers and you absolutely want them to stand out.

Blinged out in all the right ways these are strictly for style, careful though, you might have trouble keeping the white ones clean though.


You may have a laid back personality that prefers comfort over class.

Your go-to if you crave comfort. Sometimes you just need to slip something on while flipping burgers on the grill.


floral stilettos

...a women's power shoe. Who needs comfort when you can look this good.

You’re telling the world that you’re confident with your choices and that you stand out from the crowd.

You’re an achiever who isn’t going to let anything get in your way, least of all sore feet!


You like the finer things in life, and aren’t afraid to show it.

You want everyone within a 100-foot radius to know that you love luxury, and that you enjoy adding “bling” to your everyday life!

Flats & Casuals

You don’t sacrifice style for comfort or comfort for style. You may occasionally step outside your style comfort zone but you always come home to what feels good. 

Standard Issue Dress  

This shoe gets the job done. Not too flashy, not too staid…just right. These classic styles will always stand the test of time.

From your footwear to your clothing your style choices say a lot about you and at Biita we we want to help you express yourself in just the right way.

Shop today and start making style choices that reflect your personality. 


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