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How Fashion Affects Your Mindset

Clothes are one of the most common ways that we express ourselves to the world.

From our personality to our mood on that particular day, our clothing says a lot about who we are to others.

And let’s face it, the way we look makes a powerful first impression on others that can affect how they treat and interact with us.

Fashion affects far more than how other people treat us, it also affects how we view ourselves. 

woman looking contemplative

We’re all in a hurry, and not all of us have the time to think about dressing well, but we should prioritize it.

After all, you probably prioritize what you eat, and how often you exercise, which also affects your mood.

Fashion is, and should be, just as important.

Let’s use an example: all of us have probably thrown on a pair of slacks and an old ratty shirt just to run out to the corner store before.

How did you feel when you looked in the mirror? Lazy, for certain, but also disheveled, run down, and blah. How would you feel if you wore something like that every single day?

I’m willing to bet not very good at all. In fact, I’m willing to bet that if you wore lazy clothes on a daily basis, your behavior will probably start to mirror the way you look.

On the other hand, if you dress well, you automatically act with more confidence.

Think about the last time you wore a well-fitting, flattering little black dress. You probably held your head up just a little bit higher, stood just a bit straighter, and felt a little more special.

When people invariably treated you better than they might have otherwise, you probably even felt better about your overall appearance!

Dressing well allows us to get that same self-perception when we look in the mirror, that others see. 

woman looking in a mirror

This can help to improve our self-talk and believe it or not, can be a form of self-care!

When we look in the mirror, dressed well, we no longer say to ourselves as disheveled and run down.

Instead, we look in the mirror and say “Wow, I like what I see!”.

This tiny boost in confidence can be just enough to help us take other actions that we need to take to improve our overall well-being.

From the runway to just lounging around the house, when we’re dressed well we’re on our way towards doing what’s needed to make things better.

Here at Biita, we offer wardrobe staples that offer elegance and comfort for your everyday life.

Dress like you’re ready to conquer the world, and you just might!


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