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3 Must-Have Spring 2022 "IT Items" For Your Closet

Looking for fresh new looks for the spring?

If you’re looking to update your closet this spring here are three big picture trends to look for.

The “IT” Colors

This spring think Bold, Bold, Bold. From super saturated pinks and reds to deep blues and greens.

In this post-pandemic world we want to be free to express ourselves and what better way to do this than with color.

You’ll see bold and bright from head to toe in coordinated top and bottom sets in knits, as well as in wovens.

With spring color trends ranging the gambit of the rainbow you’ll find the perfect addition to your closet.

woman wearing black mini skirt

The “IT” Item

The skirt. Mini, midi or maxi, the choice is yours.

If you’re feeling edgy try the modest mini, one that’s short, but not too short.

If comfort is your jam the midi or maxi is for you.

Options range from the classic straight to one with a slight flare.

If you really want to be on-trend go for something long and pleated.

The “IT” Accessory

beige cactus leather slouch bag

A bright bag in an unconventional cylindrical or triangular shape or texture (see our Hobo Shoulder Bag).

Look for these in chunky knits or smooth leather alternatives.

If classics are your thing but you still want that pop of color you’ll find there are many options to choose from.

What’s great about a bag is that it’s the single “IT” item that can elevate any outfit.


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