Who We Are


Anita Costello
Founder + Designer

Bauhaus & LIM (less is more) inspired. When it comes to clothing I am excited by uncomplicated simplicity and how that plays against the organic human form. This is the why behind what I design. 


Chris Costello
Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO)
My hubs, award winning designer and illustrator, who inspires me to keep going. He talks me off of ledges and is always the voice of reason.

marketing manager

Kellie Harrington
FIT graduate and collaborator. We brainstorm on the marketing direction that the brand should take.

writer and editor

Cheryl Yarborough
Writer & Editor
The sounding board that keeps the brand on point and grammatically correct on all platforms. 

it support

Rene Yarborough
IT Support
The one who speaks in code, understands it, and can translate it into laymen terms.