FAQs - New Year, New Name


Ringing in the new year with a new name...From Bacah to Biita.

If you have noticed some changes with Bacah lately, no need for alarm. Bacah is going through a rebranding. In keeping with the spirit of a new year, beginning January 1, 2021, the year will close on Bacah and open on Biita.

Why the change? As much as I loved the name Bacah and what it stood for (a journey) continuing to use the name would have limited my ability to grow the brand.

How was Biita chosen? After countless hours of searching I picked this name for nostalgic reasons—it was a special name given to me by my dad, and bonus...it means unique, a core value that I want the brand to continue to embody as I move forward.

How is it pronounced? The double "i" has a long "e" sound.

What does the new logo look like? For a sneak peak, just hop on over to my Instagram feed where it's already up.

What else is changing? At the start of the new year our web address will change to biita.co, and our email will change to style@biita.co, and the biita logo will replace the Bacah logo. Other than the name change what the brand stands for remains the same...All day wear that lets you feel comfortable just being you.

A redirect will be in place until the first of March as a just in case.

A personal thanks to everyone who supported Bacah. I look forward to continuing our relationship and providing you with eclectic and earth-friendly apparel in the new year.

Founder & Designer,
Anita Costello

Photo by Matthew Henry