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Meet the models

A special shout out of gratitude to Agnes, Greta, Guerlande, Isabel, Kim, and Kristin who posed for this shoot and who helped bring my vision to life. I asked them to answer a few questions so you could get to know them better...if they were up for it, and here's what a few of them had to say.

The questions they were asked, in no particular order were—

What’s the one item of clothing you couldn't live without?, What do you feel most passionate about? What would your perfect day be like? What is something people would never guess just by looking at you? What makes you laugh the most?


model wearing an indigo raglan knit dress


I couldn't live without a summer dress. Cool and comfy is the way to go! A perfect day for me is a warm, sunny day on the beach with a good book and a cool drink and people I love! My childhood memories are what make me laugh the grateful for a childhood filled with love, laughter, adventure and lots of family.


model wearing a ivory shirt and black pants


I couldn't live without scarves—I absolutely love wearing scarves. I am always cold and they keep me warm. I have scarves for all the seasons. I'm passionate about traveling and about getting to know someone through their life's history. A perfect day for me would be spending an entire day with my family watching movies, going out to dinner, and relaxing by the beach until sundown. Something people would never guess just by looking at me is that I hate shopping or going to the mall, but I like things of great quality. I imagine what I want, and I go to a store to look for that particular item and If I can’t find it within 10 minutes, I leave the store. Also, I absolutely love watching football and basketball. What makes me laugh the most is to reminisce about my childhood with people I grew up with. We just laugh about some fun things that happened. We had a lot of fun stories and even some sad ones, but we manage to laugh about them too.

model wearing a sapphire knit raglan dress


I don’t know that I have a particular item of clothing I couldn’t live without, but I do know that I love color, patterns, and texture, and one accessory I absolutely adore is a hat or head wrap of some type. I feel most passionate about...hmm, I do not know if its passion or not, but I enjoy music that moves my spirit and my body...the world might possibly lose color were it not for the expressiveness that comes from music and dance. Oh, and traveling…I have wanted to travel the world since I was a young girl…I do hope I get to do more of it in this next phase of life! A perfect day be like would probably be something like having beautiful weather while family and friends gather to share an amazing meal with great music, dancing, games, and lots of laughter. People would never guess just by looking at me that I’m in my 50s and have 3 young adult sons. I don’t know what makes me laugh most but I do know that when my sisters and I get together we are often on the floor laughing until we get stitches in our sides. 

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