What's Your Style I.Q.?

What's Your Style I.Q.?

What’s Your Style I.Q., and Do You Want to Boost It?

Has anyone ever asked you what is your style I.Q.? Or better yet, did you even know that you had one, and if you did, should you see your doctor about this condition? Well, don’t be alarmed…we all have one. Given that we are all in this together, let's explore what it means to have a style I.Q., how to find yours, and when you do how to cultivate it.

Having a style I.Q. basically means that you have an awareness of what’s fashionable and what’s trending. Taking it a little deeper it also means that you have a keener understanding of details such as fabrication, silhouette, and proportion.

fabric and sewing machineFabrication is what your garment is made of and there is quite a large range. You have knits, wovens, and these days a lot of in-betweens. Silhouette is about the cut of the garment…is it boxy or form-fitting? Proportion, which I believe is one of the most important components to pay attention to, is about how multiple silhouettes complement one another.

You only need to answer a few questions below to help you determine your style I.Q. After each question, I’ve shared about my style as an example. I would like to note that my answers are just that, my answers. If they differ from yours that’s what makes you uniquely you.

To begin

  • Determine your body type. Are you an apple, hourglass, rectangle, etc.?
  • Find your vertical body type…didn’t know you had one of these either did you. Are you long-waisted, short-waisted or balanced? Click the link to figure out how to determine yours.
  • Find the silhouettes that are well suited for your Body Type

I’m a short-waisted, rectangular apple so boxy tops work best on me.

The next step

  • Determine the fabrics you prefer.
  • Do you like form fitting fabrics or sturdy ones?
  • Do your fabric choices like you, meaning do they work well with your body type?
  • Do they work well with your lifestyle?

I like fabrics with some substance to them. Even though I find silks beautiful and luxurious I don't wear them because they are too delicate and don’t compliment my lifestyle.

Last and most importantly

  • Ask yourself, “What makes me feel like me?”
  • What are my signature accessories that express my uniqueness of style?
  • Do my color choices enhance or subtract from my uniqueness?
  • Remember not to always buy into what’s trending.

    Something I share quite often is that I don’t wear sneakers unless I’m going to or coming from the gym. Why???because there are so many amazingly stylish and comfortable options to wear instead. But if sneakers are your thing, then Rock It!

    In closing, there are some other tips that can help you boost your style I.Q.; read magazines, window shop, and people watch. Take from it what works for you and discard the rest. It’s been said that when it comes to your style I.Q. you don’t necessarily need to be on point trend-wise, you just need to express what you wear in a way that speaks exclusively as to who you are. Do this, and before you know it you’ll have an arsenal that rivals the trendiest style icon.

    September 15, 2020 | Anita Costello

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