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Minimalist fashion in the summer

Do you believe that minimalist dressing and summer go hand in hand? I do!

Summer is hot and we often get that glazed donut glow, a.k.a. sweat.

Since we’re always looking for ways to stay cool and stylish, here are some simple tips to help you rock your minimalist summer style.

1.Basic, basic, basic.

white t-shirt

When you focus on the basics, you create what I like to call an “exhale”.

A minimalist style communicates that you know what you like and what works for you.

A basic tee with a pair of lightweight trousers or your favorite summer skirt is always a winning combination.

2. Focus on a great silhouette.

The silhouette of a garment is its overall shape.

While different silhouettes flatter different body types, a great summertime silhouette hands down is the A-line.

What’s great about this silhouette is that it works well for every body type. The A-line produces a pleasing visual and flares away from the body to help you stay cool.

3. Keep your accessories curated and sparse.

Jewelry should be fun and also express who you are.

A simple statement necklace with equally simple earrings is a good choice. If a necklace doesn’t work with your outfit, opt for a bracelet instead.

What makes accessorizing so much fun is that the options are endless. 

4. Make your footwear choice intentional.

wedge sandal

This is the pièce de résistance.

Nothing makes or breaks your overall look more than choosing the wrong footwear.

For a more casual look, try to keep your heel height to two inches, or less or opt for a less formal wedge.

5. Keep comfort and fit in mind.

I remember hearing it asked, “Are you wearing your clothes, or are they wearing you?”

If you are constantly tugging, adjusting, or pulling, chances are your clothes are wearing you. So, choose garments that are comfortable and have a great fit. 

Following these tips will help you stay cool and make your summer style as unique as you are.

Images by Mediamodifier + Irene Kredenets


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