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Want To Shine This Holiday Season?

Five ways to get you noticed this holiday season.

Most of us have lived in sweats and leggings for the past two years.

As we begin our new normal and get out again let’s reclaim glamour as we move into this holiday season. Want to stand out? Here are some ways to get noticed.

Feather Up

This stunning edition will elevate any outfit. It can be added to cuffs, collars, hemlines, shoes, bags, belts and just about anything you can think of.

green sequin dress

The Facet of Sequins

If bling is your thing sequins are for you.

Monochromatic, or multi chromatic a sequined outfit makes the ordinary extraordinary.

Leather/Vegan Leather

If understated sleekness is your goal this is the right choice. A leather blazer paired with a pair of pencil brocade trousers is a show stopper.

green velvet dress

The Pile of Velvet

Soft and dramatically subtle, it comes crushed, embossed, or plain and is the epitome of elegance.

Shiny, Soft, Satin

If you love dresses and tops with a beautiful drape that’s effortless, choose one made of satin.

This long-filament fiber catches the light in all the right places.

    Whether you want to command the room or subtly turn heads celebrate your style with one of the choices above and you will get noticed.


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