Express your true color – Fall 2021 color trends.

Express your true color – Fall 2021 color trends.

The top fashion colors for fall 2021 are here.

Summer is almost behind us and our focus now turns to Fall.

One of the most exciting seasons when it comes to fashion, autumn promises to deliver a myriad of style choices in an array of colors.

Below are the top fashion colors for fall 2021. From earth tones, to vibrant hues, to delicate pastels…see if one of your favs made the list.


indigo blazer

Indigo is a deep midnight blue hue with a hint of violet.

It’s a powerful and dignified color that represents intuition, perception, and wisdom.

With crispness and clarity this hue looks amazing in anything denim.

Army Drab

Army Drab is a dark shade of  green-yellow, and is associated with harmony, balance, and youth.

It’s a calming color that connects us with all that is natural.

Want to stand out in the subtlest of ways? Add a pair of army drab boots to your fall wardrobe.


red backpack purse

As the leading primary color red needs no introduction.

Red is a pure hue associated with passion, confidence, and action.

It represents power, courage, and risk-taking so it’s okay to get out of your lane this fall and accessorize with a crimson handbag.

Clay/Terra Cotta

The word itself means “fired earth” and the color is created by mixing red, orange, yellow and brown.

This color signifies warmth, happiness, and emotional strength, so if you want to exude warmth, a chunky knit sweater in this hue will do just that.


fuchsia suit

Mix red, pink, and purple together and you get fuchsia.

Fuchsia is a vibrant hue that represents uniqueness, maturity, and certainty.

Wearing it can produce a nurturing and soothing effect. You can command any room with a fuchsia power suit.


Lilac is a soft violet shade that represents innocence, youth, and tranquility.

This pale hue symbolizes love and devotion and is made by blending red and blue. Need some tranquility in your day?

A flowy lilac blouse may be able to help you with that.


silver cocktail dress

Sleek, high-tech, and modern silver represents grace, sophistication, elegance, and glamor.

Silver is often associated with the color gray, but silver is more lively, fun, and playful.

Don’t believe me? Put on that little silver cocktail dress and see how many heads turn.

Whatever the reason we, all have our color preferences.

A certain color may make us feel happy, confident, or in charge.

It’s great to know that within the Fall 2021 color trends there’s a hue for anyone who wants to express their true color.


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